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Hull offsets and design file

Some notes on the above hullform file. The design shown is based on a symetrical design whereas a real life craft would have hull assymetry with more flare on the outrigger side and additionally it would have a narrower width of the hull bottom. The design and offsets are a little rough and need fine tuning. The purpose of the exercise was to get a general idea of draught, freeboard, waterline length etc based on a realistic displacement. From this starting point refinements can be made whilst knowing what sinkage the craft will encounter.

Please note that this design was based on a vertical bow transom, as opposed to an inclined bow transon that a real-life craft would have, and hence the above craft is depicted as 10cm shorter than the true version. The reason for doing this was to simplify the design process, which is difficult enough as it is. In time I can get the computer to add an inclined bow transom, but it takes a little time.

For those wishing to see the file please contact me and I happy to email it to you